Dnia 24 lipca w księgarni Vademecum w Gdyni odbyło się spotkanie z Mariną Hulią – współautorką wydanej przez Centrum Arrupe książki „Recydywista”. Spotkanie współprowadził trener Centrum Arrupe Zbigniew Kruszewski (nie-recydywista), który odczytał fragmenty książki (na zdjęciu powyżej z Mariną). Był śpiew i wzruszająca opowieść, trudne pytania i wspólne poszukiwanie odpowiedzi. Czy miłością można wyleczyć samotność, nałóg, zagubienie?
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Good Practices in School Fundraising, two weeks international course in Warsaw, was concluded today with the topic of internal and external case statement in fundraising campaign. All participants have received certificates and shared their opinion on the validity of topics treated by our speakers. 

Yesterday the participants of the fundraising course visited Museum of Money and today morning they studied case of the project aimed to raising funds for scholarship for poor students as well as started work on advocacy strategies to enhance effectiveness of selected projects. 

Participants of the international session on fundraising are working in Warsaw since July 4. On Friday, 13th of July, Grzegorz Gruca from Polish Humanitarian Action presented good practices in fundraising and Katarzyna Leśniakiewicz from L'Arche Association spoke about involvement of students into volunteer service. The afternoon will be dedicated to the fundraising campaign organized by the Catholc school in Zagreb. 

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On Thursday the participants of the fundraising session in Warsaw learn how to prepare a logic model of the project description containing context, inputs, activities, outputs, and both short and long-term impact of the project on the society. Tomorrow they will listen to invited guests, who will share their experience in raising funds for and involving volunteers into project implementation. 

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On Wednesday Zamira Dema Muça presented Result Based Management Approach and introduced participants of the international course on fundraising into the process of applaying for grants. 

On Tuesday morning, the participants of our international course held in Falenica, worked with Fr. Adam Juchnowicz SJ (topic: Contemplative listening for effective communication) and with Fr. Wojciech Żmudziński SJ (topic: Saint Ignatius as fundraiser). After lunch Ms Zamira Dema Muça (an expert from Albania) made an introduction to Project Cycle Management and Results Based Management (RBM).

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After the Sunday’s rest, participants of the fundraising session came back to their hard work in aula of the European Centre for Communication and Culture in Warsaw Falenica. They started with the topic of the database which should document all professional contacts with donors, foundations and other institutions supporting school. The afternoon will be dedicated to the relation of the fundraiser with business institutions and to the cycle of applying for grants from selected foundations.

Today participants from six countries continue to work with Maria Olszewska on fundraising tools. Moreover they are creating a fundraising plans for their institutions and practice how to build and maintain professional relations with individual donors. 

The third day of our international workshop was dedicated to the presentation of 25 different tools of fundraising. Participants were also competing for the seed money to start their projects. All the activities were run today by Maria Olszewska, free-lance fundraiser from Sopot.