PROJEKT: Christian Educational Leadership Program (CELP)

Od 01 Wrzesnia 2015 14:37 do 28 Grudnia 2017 16:37
Kategorie: Projekty edukacyjne

CELP aim: Preparation of leaders able to inspire and lead educational changes in their own countries, educational leaders who will be motivated to continuous professional, social and spiritual growth. Courses we offer are rooted in very rich and long tradition of Catholic and Jesuit education and integrates the newest methods of teaching and administering schools with existential, social and spiritual dimension of education.
CELP official language: English (simultaneous translation into Russian or Ukrainian)
CELP participants: School headmasters, leaders of school departments, teachers supervisors, mentors, teachers from Catholic schools from Eastern Europe and other post-soviet countries. Headmasters from other Christian (non-Catholic) schools can be also include to the program.

Project consists of two Summer sessions, internship and e-learning:
First session: July 2-15, 2016 – WARSAW
Internship and e-learning
Second session: July 8-23, 2017 - WARSAW

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